Comfort 3

Looking for a perfect blend of home amenities and practicality? The Comfort 3 is a restroom and shower combination, allowing for flexibility for your event. Designed for campgrounds to disaster relief, the Comfort 3 restroom trailer is ready to answer the call!

A restroom trailer with flexibility and comfort

Comfort 3 Restroom Trailer

Comfort 3 | Flexibility & Comfort

Designed for high traffic and comfort, the Comfort 3 restroom trailer is sure to exceed your expectations. With full flushing toilets and large showers, this trailer is ready for your next outdoor event.

Comfort & Style

Engineered for comfort and style, this restroom trailer will meet and exceed your expectations.

ADA Compliant

The Comfort 3 meets and exceeds ADA compliancy requirements – for both showers and restrooms.

Bathroom & Showers

Perfect for an all-in-one solution, the Comfort 3 combines bathrooms and showers to meet the demands of your event.

Customizable Height

The Comfort 3 can completely lower or raise 18’’ off the ground – offering flexibly in placement for your restrooms.

Take a 360 view

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Additional Specifications


The Comfort 3 requires two dedicated electrical outlet capable of outputting 110V, 20A.*

Direct Connect

With the ability to run directly off a standard garden hose, the Comfort 3 allows your event to run uninterrupted.

Day or Night

Day or night, the Comfort 3 can be used throughout the entire day.

Artic Package

Arctic package is available upon request. The arctic package will allow this trailer to be placed in constant freezing, sub zero temperatures.

On-board Water

The Comfort 3 has 105 gallons for water to serve your restroom and shower needs.

ADA Compliant

The Comfort 3 was engineered to exceed ADA compliance to allow for wheelchairs

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