The Elite ADA

Looking for a restroom trailer rental without compromises? The Elite ADA is your answer. Built on the platform of the Elite 3, this restroom trailer exceeds ADA demands and offers undisputed comfort and luxury.

Restroom trailer accessibility – no longer a compromise

Elite ADA Restroom Trailer

The Elite ADA | Luxury Made Accessible

The Elite ADA is engineered to provide luxury and accessibility into one rental. Using our robust and trusted Elite 3 platform, the Elite ADA takes luxury one step further by making accessibility a priority. Give your event the accessibility you need with Elite ADA restroom trailer.

Handicap Accessible

The Elite ADA restroom trailer was engineered for accessibility first.

Remodel Ready

Remodeling your facilities restrooms? With non-slip floors, the Elite ADA is ready to answer the call

Spacious Interiors

The Elite ADA boasts a large and comfortable restroom interior for your guests

Built to work

With the ability to directly connect to city water, the Elite ADA was designed to handle your restroom demands.

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Take a 360 look

Take an interactive look at Elite ADA restroom trailer

Additional Specifications


Need a handicap accessible and compliant trailer? The Elite ADA is your answer.


Two 110V, 20A open electrical sockets are required to power the Elite ADA*.

Site Package

Undergoing Construction or a remodel? The Elite ADA has everything you need to stay compliant, and will still impress.

Day or Night

Day or night, the Elite ADA works around the clock.

Arctic Package

Arctic package is available with the Elite ADA. This will allow the Elite ADA to be placed in constant freezing, sub zero temperatures.

Water Usage

The Elite ADA has the ability to run direcly off a standard garden hose, allowing for greater uses.

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