The Ride Along

The Ride Along handwash sink is a perfect solution for those who need a sink in a tight space. Featuring a slim design, integrated cupholders, and an easy to access two person design, the Ride Along squeezes in perfectly where a sink is in demand. Designed to handle high traffic volume, the Ride Along handwash sink is an ideal rental choice for festivals, concerts, or anywhere where available room is tight. For those in need of portable restrooms with HASP locks, the Ride Along will fit inside of any of our available restrooms, making it possible for the Ride Along to be locked up at the end of the day. The Ride Along handwash - one additional way Portable John is bringing innovation to your events.

Gallon Capacity
Clean 1,400 Hands
50''h x 16''w x 30''d
Us vs. Them: The Choice is Clear
Leading Chicagoland
For Over 30 Years
Familiar | Trusted
With over 30 years of excellence and customer satifaction, Portable John is one of the largest and most trusted restroom companies in Chicagoland.
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