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The very best in world class restrooms:
                 Now deliverable to any event.

Give your next event the cornerstone it needs with the Porta Lisa. With brass finishings, granite counter tops, full climate control and drop-dead gorgeous styling, the Porta Lisa will surpass any luxury solution you have ever been seeking. Complete your next event in luxury with the renown services of Portable John.
[+] What's Inside Pure Astounding Beauty. Featuring 1 men's room and 1 women's room, both with wood floors and wall panels, and black marble countertops and backsplashes, the Porta Lisa is a work or art! [*.] What You Need To Know
The Porta Lisa has the reassurance of solar. If your event does not have power, or loses it, rest assured that the essentials are covered*.

110V, 20A is required for use of all features. One dedicated power outlet is recommended. We will supply extension cords*.

The Porta Lisa is equipped to be used during all weather types, year round.

Day or night, the Porta Lisa is great for any event, at any time.

We Recommend one Porta Lisa for 6-8 hour events serving up to, but no greater than, 200 people. Having a longer event, more people or both? No problem. Just ask us about dual rentals.
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