Hand Wash Rental For City Events
The Applause
Applause Hand Wash Sink Rental

The Applause handwash sink is a perfect solution for city festivals, concerts, and more. With increased capacity, durable build materials and the ability to connect to city water and sewer, our Applause handwashing station is something the competition just cannot match. With integration of paper towel dispensers you'd generally find in a commercial bathroom, attachable umbrella support, and integrated trash dispensers, the Applause handwashing sink is just one phone call away from making your hand washing demands become a thing of the past. Don't have your guests get caught with their hands dirty. Give your event an Applause!

Gallon Capacity
Clean 3000 Hands
48''h x 51''w x 22''d
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For Over 30 Years
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With over 30 years of excellence and customer satifaction, Portable John is one of the largest and most trusted restroom companies in Chicagoland.
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